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We are the first restaurant in Warsaw serving authentic Turkish cuisine

The first EFES Kebab restaurant was opened in Warsaw at Francuska Street in the neighborhood of Saska Kępa in 1994. Very soon, it was ranked by TVN Warszawa as the best kebab restaurant in the city. Over the years, we have been developing our business, with another restaurant opened in Mokotów at Al. Niepodległości Avenue.

We cordially invite you to the new restaurant
ul. Praska 3 (Rondo Żaba)

Restauracja w Al. Niepodległości 80

Restauracja w Al. Niepodległości 80

Efes Kebab has been there in the old part of the district of Mokotów for quite a long time. Located right beside the gate of the Dreszeera Park, it enjoys an enormous popularity in the nearby neighborhood, with the number of regular guests growing continuously. This is a perfect place to have a nice family lunch at the weekend. Ideal for families with children, who may later have some fun in the playground.

Restauracja przy ul. Praskiej 3

Restauracja przy ul. Praskiej 3

The new restaurant is now open!

Restauracja przy ul. Francuskiej 1

Restauracja przy ul. Francuskiej 1

Located at the junction of Zwycięzców and Francuska Streets, this is our first restaurant where we have been serving authentic Turkish dishes for over 17 years. With our Turkish restaurant opened in 1994 in Saska Kępa, we were the first kebab place in Warsaw! This is an iconic place for the residents of Warsaw, ranked by TVN Warszawa as the best kebab place in the city.

restauracja turecka warszawa

Kebab at the table

You can just come and take a comfortable seat to fully enjoy our exotic Turkish dishes. Call us, and boo a table now. Take your friends and family with you to have a real feast.

Kebab at the pick-up window

If you don’t have much time or you are busy, you may get your favorite dish at our pick-up window. You may also pick up your kebab to take it to your office or home.

kebab warszawa mokotów

Not only kebab

On our menu, there are also Urfa, Adana, Veal Shashlik, Ajran, Hummus and other really nice dishes, drinks and add-ins.

Unforgettable atmosphere, beautiful interior design and excellent service make new guests fast become real fans of our Middle Eastern delicacies.

EFES Kebab is now famous not only among the residents of Saska Kępa, where Zahir Bilaloglu started his first Turkish restaurant at the junction of Francuska and Zwycięzców Streets. Today, this is a chain of Turkish restaurants serving not only kebab, which is said to be one of the best kebabs in the city. It successfully serves really demanding guests with lots of different culinary experiences. Our first restaurant has become our symbol, setting quality standards to be applied at other locations, cherishing old traditional Turkish recipes.


Al. Niepodległości 80

Opening hours: 11:00 - 21:00
Tel. +48 (22) 898 30 01

ul. Francuska 1

Opening hours: 11:00 - 21:00
Tel: +48 22 616 25 80